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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bright Spots

January can be a long, cold month and experience has taught me to prepare in advance to add some cheer.  I learned to love growing things from my mother, and seeing something bloom in January is an instant pick-me-up!  So during December's busy, busy days and in between gift purchasing, wrapping presents and parties, I plant something to hold promise of life in winter.

Try it! Here are a few more lovely ideas:
  • Something warm in the late afternoon - whether you like coffee, tea or hot chocolate, fill your insides with warmth and you'll feel better all over. 
  • Candles - the flame actually imbues warmth and a scent can invoke calm, energy or sweet memories.
  • Soups - let them simmer for a long time to fill the house with comforting flavor and hearty bellies.
  • Leave a light on - I can't stand to walk into a dark house, so I leave a lamp or hall light on constantly.  Yes, use the newer energy savings version, but don't deny yourself the light.  In winter shortened days, we cannot get enough!