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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top Ten Single Mom Moments

Sometimes it is important to remember the absolutely delightful benefits of being a single mother!

10. Controlling the thermostat.

9. Choosing my own home decor.

8. Claiming all closets in the master suite.

7. No one knows if you serve popcorn and peanut butter for dinner.

6. Creating a "MomCave" out of my room.  Locking the door sometimes.

5. Accepting help from others - thank you, Steve!  He's my neighbor who faithfully mows my lawn every week - for two years now!

4. Choosing to read (alone or with children) over mopping the floor ... for months on end!

3. Indulging in a totally unproductive evening of ice cream and Netflix after the children are in bed.

2. Setting the emotional 'tone' in our home - choosing peace.

1. When the chidlren return with laughter and smiles, knowing I've created this space called 'home.'

Share some of your best moments as a mother (single or not)!  Soon I'll share my worst list.  Have a fun day!