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Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Closet Has Been Overcome with Christmas (There will be a lot of gifts this year!)

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Image Source - Isn't this a lovely room?!?

While I was getting ready for work this morning, I realized that I've officially come crossed the line into being conquered by my Christmas Spirit.  I have gifts stashed under the bed an in my closet...and the closet has become almost non-functional!  I have to lift bags to get to my shoes, boxes block my jackets, there are various items tucked behind my hanging garments and the floor space has disappeared!  I have started wrapping and there are some things under the tree already ... but with seven people at home and a dog, there is a lot of stuff!

Having a lot of stuff at Christmastime has become kind of unpopular in the blogging world.  Simplify, Purge, Less is More are themes when I read my ongoing list.  But his is a year of extravagance for me.  I've spent years being frugal, one-gift-per-child, paring down, letting go, purging.  My heart along with the ornaments got divided. For several years, there was deep sadness in the background of my merriment.  Not so this year.  My heart is overflowing.  My budget is no longer bone-tight and I plan to spoil my people.

I'm all for keeping it simple.  We are extremely careful to keep the true meaning of Christmas on Christ and His coming to save us.  I don't even tell the children that Santa is real.  I have decorated, but there is a lot still in boxes because laundry, dinner and dishes are a priority.  Our family is on the front-lines of real.

We have spent years keeping it simple.  This year will be BIG!  And I'm not going to feel badly about it.  It's our first Christmas as a blended family and I want each person in the house to sense the special-ness of where we are in life.  The healing, the bonding.  We are going to celebrate!

Check back after Christmas for a recap and ideas for boys and girls.  I was pleased to find much that isn't digital had so much fun!  Mr. Wonderful is going to be a bit overwhelmed, I think.  What fun I'm having!