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Friday, July 22, 2011

You've got to do this!

Vacation was wonderful.  Wonderful!  This was the longest vacation I've had in ... four years?  Five days with a change of scenery, relaxed routine and no demands were amazing.  I need to remember to make this happen every year.  It is worth the expense, the hassel, the planning and laundry overload.  Coming home is always a wonderful feeling at that remains true.  All the major stressors are still here and must be confronted, but it will be much easier to manage the tasks now that my mind has had some downtime and my body some true rest.

I'm already planning next year's get-away.  I can't afford to fly us all to Florida again, but there are lots of options within a half day's drive.  It's so worth it to get away from life and then enjoy the return home.  I think the key for us was to have an extended number of days together outside of our usual schedule. I am paid hourly and have no paid vacation time, so I took advantage of the weekend and just took the loss of several days' pay.  I'm sure I'll cringe at my next paycheck, but I know in my heart it was worth it.  What are some other ways to get that vacation afterglow? How do you de-stress or retreat from everyday life?