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Monday, July 25, 2011

On My Own

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My children are vacationing with their father this week.  They are camping in Virgina and I'm sure they are having a blast.  Two big trips back to back...  What lucky little ones they are! 

Me?  I'm dealing better than before by spending some taking taking care of myself and our home, getting ready for back to school, which is just a week away. I've got several projects including more painting (it's what I did last year, too) and lots of organizing to accomplish.

This year, too, I'm intentionally enjoying the dowtime and a break from the daily demands of mothering.  Yes, I'm working extra hours to make up for my own vacation, and I can't ever not think of my children, but I'm trying to rest, to let go and bask in nothingness as much as possible.

Already I've wandered the mall, read for an uninterrupted stretch and taken two baths.  It's pretty luxurious for me!