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Monday, September 19, 2011

Blast From the Past

Recently I got together with a friend that I haven’t seen since my college days. She knew me best in the fun and carefree college days and watched as M and I dated became engaged then broke up. Then I transferred schools, she got married and we lost touch until the Face Book days when it became easy to find friends from our history. It worked out that she was in our area and I got to meet up with her and her family for lunch. It was totally fun to remember all our shenanigans of early college life. We were so trustingly na├»ve and even our ‘trouble’ was quite innocent.
source: Pinterest

I was reminded of the carefree days when I was pretty hopelessly romantic. While I can’t take back the choices of my youth, I have learned from them. I’m more clear with what I need and have learned that it is okay to have expectations in a relationship. I was so unwise to look past the rather blatant (in hindsight) flaws of character and basic incompatibilities. I believe I’m wise and strong enough to expect more in the future.

My friend reminded me of so much more from that fun season. She has always been such an authentic person and it was so refreshing to see that had not changed a bit. She is as real and easy to read as ever and I admire her all the more for it! While my past holds many things I would choose not to repeat, I did make some amazing friends along the way.