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Monday, March 5, 2012

Moody Monday: Get Your Spring On!

I conquered a house full of chores this weekend and it feels so good to start the week fresh.  Granted, none of it was extra, clean-out-the-clutter, type of work.  Mostly just catch up on the things which need to be done.  I wore myself out and literally fell asleep between loads of laundry! 

I'm ready to tackle our week, which isn't overly busy, but does contain several goals for our little household: 
  • Complete thank you notes from recent birthday.
  • Wash van  - inside and out (neeeeeeds it!)
  • Sort seasonal clothing
  • Weed garden plots - yes, it's time!
I realize that my Mondays tend to start out well and I look forward to a fresh week and getting things accomplished.  Does anyone have more exciting plans than me?