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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Prayer and the Single Life

Being the only grown-up in a household can lend to some solitary times.  Some may call this loneliness, but I'm one who tends to enjoy a bit of alone time and so I try to frame these hours more positively - solitude.  Space to think.  Free time.  The truth is, those hours after the children are in bed and before I drift to sleep myself are lonely.  Often I call family or friends, work on household tasks, read. 

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I noticed that I began talking out loud during my times of solitude, then I realized I was really talking to God.  To Jesus, actually.  It didn't even seem odd and since I was all by myself so I kept doing it.  I would talk to Him about everything: my budget, concerns with the chidlren, frustrations about ex, the discontent I sometimes feel...I began saying goodnight to Him as the last thing before I fall asleep and often talk to Him first thing in the morning.  When I describe it, it does sound sort of silly yet this ongoing conversation has meant so much to me. 

Recently I was in a discussion group about prayer and some were sharing how we could all use more time in prayer ... I genuinely thought, "I don't know if I could spend more time in prayer."  It wasn't a prideful thought, or thinking I had arrived.  The truth is I pray for my sanity, to sense someone is aware and hearing me in my ups and downs.  I know Christ is with me always, so I take advantage of that to speak to the only person available.

I don't often think about it, but the truth is single life has enhanced my prayer life by leaps and bounds!  How do you deal with loneliness?  Is your prayer life better or worse than a different season of life?