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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer is Coming!

"Are you going to keep all those papers?"

That was the question posed by my sister when I posted on Facebook.  My daughter has finished kindergarten, my firstborn is done with third grade.  Along with the last day at school, they brought home a ton of paperwork, lots of leftover school supplies, back packs and lunch boxes which we won't need till August.  I realized I that I bumped right up to summer without much of a plan.

I declared that the rest of the week would be carefree with fairly unlimited game and and television time.  I sorted through the paperwork and tossed a good portion, then set the rest aside to file.  The school supplies went into the supply box, in the closet in the hall.  This isn't a great place and I need to make them more accessible for summer activities.  Backpacks went onto the hooks by the garage, but I need to store them along with the jackets we no longer need. In the short term, I've taken care of everything and I've got ideas to create more structure for our summer days.

Do you keep all the papers, crafts and artwork that your children bring home?  How do you store it?  How do you manage the summer schedule?  What changes in your family?