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Monday, July 26, 2010


I completed the task of painting the walls in my living-dining room and kitchen!  Whew - it was a larger task than I expected, with 24-foot walls, appliances to move, cabinets and doors to go around.  Wow.  I'm so glad to have it accomplished and will have some touch-ups to do.  Since the day we moved in (almost six years ago) I have wanted to paint and it feels great to have it done!  I'm proud with the way it turned out, too - the color is warm and bright.  Now I want to paint my own bedroom...and the bathrooms...and the hallway!  Oh dear.

Moreso than the painting, I survived the children being gone with their Daddy.  I felt very "left behind" and alone.  It gave me time to think, to enjoy some lady friends, to paint (of course!).  I was so glad when all three arrived home in good spirits, with lots of hugs for Mommy and adventures to share.  They seemed to settle into their spaces with ease and commented on the paint, which they liked.  They were very concerned about the things off the walls and want me to replace them shortly!  I love them so dearly.

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