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Monday, January 9, 2012

Moody Monday

It's dreary and raining and I had to wait extra long in the car drop this morning after an extra-early carpool pick up day.  I had one more stop to drop my sweet baby off with his caretaker and then I was still on par to make it to my office on time ... until the traffic completely jammed with just over two miles to work.  I was twenty-five minutes late.

Nevertheless, I'm in a great mood!  I had a very productive weekend and have started with most of the laundry done, groceries in the kitchen and all the living room put back in order.  Yes, there are still boxes of Christmas decor in the dining area, but I'll get to that later today.  It was a full Saturday and Sunday but the effort is rewarded with work accomplished and I even managed a brief Sunday afternoon nap.  Success.

Thank you for reading.  I very much appreciate all the encouragement!