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Monday, February 27, 2012

Moody Monday

Another Monday is here - the week will be a busy one with lots of extracurricular activities and increased academic focus as we march toward spring break.  Mom-life keeps me on my toes in a big way.  My baby had a birthday this weekend which involved extra celebration and a party planned for later this week.  We're wrapping up our basketball/cheerleading schedule and I'm looking forward to less on the calendar in the spring.

Now for the real scoop.   You may remember that I went on my first ever blind date way back in the fall.  As I realized how wonderful this man was, I gently and quiety fell in love with him and he genuinely feels the same.  Making time to be together became a priority, but the reality is that our lives are not integrated and our children are in different seasons.  I was crushed when he vocalized the concerns which had been there all along and I interpretted his concerns as his desire to abandon our relationship.  I was wrong, and I'll have more to say about that this week.  The bottom line is that Mr. Wonderful was not trying to end our relationship.  The result has been a bit of whiplash for me as he as actually moved closer in the direction of our relationship and is pursuing me and my children. 

I hesitate to share much, because I still do not know the outcome of our story.  What I'm sure of is that our love in authentic.  We have a hope for a future together and pray that God will reveal how, when and if that is to be His plan.  I still worry that my heart will be broken, but I'm trying to remember my heart belongs to God and no matter what happens, He will care for me. 

I just wanted to share the latest in my mid-life romantic escapades.  What does the week hold for everyone else?