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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Bottom?

My husband went to a divorce attorney yesterday.  Even though I have known our marriage has many troubles, it was still shocking to me and took a while to process.  My first feeling was rejection and devastation - kicked in the gut.  I noticed on the computer history that he had been searching single parent and child support information.  Oh my.

I don't want our marriage to dissolve.  We are such different people, that I'm not sure how to integrate our lives.  I am willing to stay together for the sake of commitment, honoring each other and our vows, to provide the best, most stable home for our children.  That is not enough for him.  I don't know if I can promise him anything more.  We are decent companions, enjoy activities together have great relationships outside of each other...why has this been so hard to work out?

I considered going to see a lawyer of my own.  But, as I stated, it isn't what I want.  Should he move forward and that become a necessity, I know I have the strength to make it with Christ.  There was a time when I couldn't say that.  Progress, I suppose.

I thought our marriage was at its worst after learning of H's other affair, other women, addictions and we separated.  But then I had so much hope and the person he said he wanted to be was the person I fell in love with.  Today, there are no other women, we live in the same house, but we offend and hurt each other weekly.  There is emotional distance and I wonder if this is the bottom?


  1. Even when you thought there was no other woman, you were wrong. Its not a big surprise that she wasn't enough for him either. -P.

  2. Seeing that you went through an almost similar situation, Can i bother you for some advice?

    When is enough enough? Say your husband doesn't give you the time of day but you want to stay together because you made a commitment and feel that maybe in time it will get better. Do you stay? Or do you move on?