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Friday, February 17, 2012

Single Mom Life

I still don't like to define myself as a Single Mother.  It's not the first thing I say about myself when I meet someone new.  But I'm learning to accept the role for this season of life and often I'm even a little proud at what I've accomplished!

#1 - I've provided a consistent and stable life for the children.

#2 - I've cultivated and created a life for myself as a woman.

#3 - I've tried new things and learned more about what I enjoy.  I've taken risks.

#4 - I'm learning to let go of the expectations and rigid definitions that I thought were the only way to be happy.  Discovering joy amid real life has been so liberating!  Accepting that pain is part of the process is hard, but increases the joy.

#5 - Learned more deeply that God is faithful and to be trusted.  This learned most intimately during the most challenging of times.

Being a single mother is much like being any mother - life is full of choices and demands that pull us in many directions.  These are just some of the many things that fill my wonderful, crazy days ...
  • Firstborn, age seven who's sweet and affectionate heart more than make up for the school day challenges.
  • Sweet Daughter age six, sassy and independent, she is the soul of our family reminding us all to celebrate each day.
  • Baby Boy is almost four.  He is boistrous and enthusiastic, smart as can be and adding to the life of our home with his fun and thoughtful commentary.
  • Family: They all live far away and that makes me so sad.  But the love and support is felt through the miles and I treasure these endless sources of joy.
  • Dearest Friends: Both near and far, these are the people that back me up when I need encouragement, help with childcare, support during sad days. 
  • Worklife: Everyday I sit at a desk and keep the lives of others running smoothly.  I'm grateful for the flexibility and conistency my job provides ... but I hope to find something more inspiring someday.
  • Churchlife: Where they keep me accountable and I learn to live in faith with others.  And I have to say I love the music and joyfully praising God corporately.
  • Homelife: As the only adult, the fact is a great deal of energy and effort goes into the basics of running a home.  Grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, playing and even yardwork are daily parts of single mom life.  Life management takes a lot of energy
  • Mr. Wonderful: There's no denying he's part of each day, whether I see him or just expend emotional energy.  It's challenging, but true.
My single life is full - overwhelming on many days.  There are lonely times and the responsibility can be crippling.  But I love my life!  I love my three busy little ones and the friends who I can lean on.  I've got a fantastic and encouraging church and the best family anyone could ever ask for.  It's not the life I planned, but it sure is great.  What's the best thing in your life today?