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Friday, February 2, 2018

What's Saving My Life Right Now

I'm so grateful for my life and the people who make it full (and-oh-so-busy).  But, life certainly isn't all roses and sunshine for me or for anyone!  There are several things that are really saving my life right now and making things just a bit easier - just enough to really appreciate them!  Here's my list:

The Clicklist at Kroger has truly changed my life!  It sounds dramatic, but the change has been truly dramatic.  I'm saving money on our groceries with better planning and saving time every week.  My family has learned to let me know what they need and I can immediately add it to the list, compile the list each week and then just swing by to pick up.  I seriously think this is a huge step forward in home management...well done!

Strive for sunlight, whenever I can.  Every single year I am depleted by winter's darkness.  So, like before, I'm making the effort to be outdoors for a little while whenever the sun in out in full force.

Don't sweat it.  Okay, so in other winters I've continued exercising straight through the season.  This year, I've been giving myself a break.  Seriously, I'm demanding less of my body and letting it rest.  I'm still walking/jogging several times a week but when the weather doesn't permit, I'm being more gentle on myself and not forcing a workout indoors.  The mental drain of being okay without cardio is so refreshing.

The 10-Minute Rule.  Defined as the first ten-minutes that I return home from work, any question will be answered with, "No."  This rule was in full-effect for many years, but I've gotten slack as the children have gotten older.  I've started it back up, and the relief is genuine.  Basically, it teaches the kiddos to wait a few minutes prior to bombarding me with questions.  This allows me to transition from office-mode, to mom-mode and truly consider their needs.  It's a game-changer.

Drink that water.  Nothing new here, staying hydrated keeps me feeling fuller and looking fresher.  I like to sip from a coffee cup when I'm at my desk, or a water bottle for when I'm running around living the mom-life.  Our favorites are Contigo brand.

As women, we know all kinds of life-savers that make it easier to function and enjoy our days.  I'd love to hear what's saving your life now in the comments.  I hope you have a great weekend!