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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Notes on the Nine to Five

I have worked for the same company for more than fourteen years.  What began has a temporary, part time gig morphed into something much more substantial and beneficial.

This summer I accepted a position elsewhere and it was a fabulous opportunity.  There was possibility to expand, to lead, to learn.  I was nervous about the change and yet so excited to do something new after many years of the same.  It would open doors to a different future path.

And then I withdrew my acceptance of that fabulous job.

When I first approached my current employer, he said I should "Go for it" and agreed it was a great opportunity.  He said go, with his blessing.  Then a week later, he asked me to reconsider, to accept more responsibility and compensation at my current job.  The thing that put me over the top was the commute.  The new position would include a considerable commute and less of the flexibility / authority that I have earned after so many years at my current job.

From what I understand, it's rare to remain with a company more than ten years.  I guess I'll buck that trend and keep up with the loyalty I've given and received.  I'm thinking it will be a while before another opportunity worth investigating comes so my work here will continue.  It does keep life more simple and that is always a benefit in my world.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A Summer Like No Other

Summer is my favorite rhythm for our family.  I love the casual flow of schedules and lesser activities.  I like extended time together at the beach, the pool and even to the mountains.  Bedtimes are relaxed and mornings are unrushed.  It's nice.

Yet, we didn't quite achieve the summer-bliss vibe this year.  I have one who took drivers ed with drop offs and pick ups at awkward times - plus the same guy joined the football team, with conditioning at 7 am!  We tackled some home projects including the rearranging of bedroom assignments and painting, hauling furniture and organizing that comes with those changes.  Both Mr. Wonderful and me experienced unexpected career opportunities that required mental and logistical twisting to explore.  We both decided to stay with our present companies.

We had a week of togetherness at the beach which was fantastic.  We had a visit from my parents that I'm still treasuring.  We had a great summer.  It was just a bit different, and indicative of the stage of parenting where we are.

School has started and I no longer have any kiddos in elementary.  The middle school years have proven challenging, but so far we are off to a positive start.  High school is exciting with friendships, football games, youth group and more.  I'm enjoying connecting with my children as they mature.

I notice the flowers are completing their annual cycle.  The evening sun sets a bit earlier.  The leaves on the patio that drop are dry and brown, some in the trees already have hints of color.  Fall won't arrive for a while, but the shift has come.  The rush is real.

How was your summer?  Do you look forward to the routines of fall?  Is there a shift for your family?