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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Love Your Mama!

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Good Friday is a solemn and sacred day for the Christian, and I'm grateful to be provided with a day away from work and out of the normal schedule.  It's so easy to let the demands of life steal my focus from the reasons for life.  It is enough for me to love and be love, to believe deeply in Jesus Christ and rely on His forgiveness.  It is my mission to relay this to my family and others in my life.  I recognize that my thoughts aren't shared by everyone, but I want them to have no doubt that where my faith is founded.  I will spend this day in prayer and contemplation.  In the busy days of mothering, working, and general living, I don't take time to nurture time with Christ, as I would like.  I will have time on this day and will use it for such.

As solemn as is Good Friday, and the dark/silent Saturday, Easter Sunday is a celebration.  It is the day Christians set aside to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.  In His death we acknowledge that He paid the price for our wrongs, in His resurrection we recognize His power to overcome.

I've invited a co-worker from another culture to join our family for the Easter service at church.  I'm so pleased he is willing to come "check us out" and learn about what is important to me.  You see, for me, Easter is so much more than frilly dresses and chocolate eggs.  It is the central component to my faith.  I'm not afraid to talk about my thoughts, but never want to force others to listen, so if you ever have any questions, please ask.

Do you celebrate Easter?  Do you consider it a spiritual or cultural day?

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Break

I didn't mean for our Spring Break to turn into a blogging break, but it totally did.  It's been a physically draining few weeks, and I simply didn't have the energy to keep up.

I had all four wisdom teeth removed at the end of February.  Just as I was truly healing from that procedure, the stomach virus entered our house and one-by-one, every household member fell.  It hit us six for!  The virus is how we began Spring Break.

But the weather has been gorgeous!  The trees and flowers are in full bloom and the sun has warmed each day.  The longer daylight hours are so welcome.  Also welcome is my mother who came to help during our school break.  Time with Nana is always a treat.

So we have had a lovely visit, and I think we're all recovered. Thankfully, Nana never got sick!

Is spring arriving in your part of the country?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Decency, Class and Human Dignity

Photo Source: Public Domain
We watched "Chariots of Fire" this weekend.

Mr. Wonderful and I were amazed at the level of respect and dignity in which the characters behaved.  I would love to live in the time where that was still the norm.  I would love to be one who always acted and responded in that way.  Even moreso, I wish my children had role models like that whom they could aspire to be.
Photo Source: Public Domain

I've been at the receiving end of horrible insults and even when we know they are not true, it hurts.  When a self-serving person isn't getting his or her way, I've witnessed how that person attacks physical characteristics or traits that make another unique. Such behavior is the root of abuse of people and of power.  It frightens me that there is potential for such a person to rise to the level of acclaim that I witness happening.

It's true that we don't allow our middle schoolers to behave or speak in the manner that presidential prospectives bellow.  Then again, I've see many middle schoolers who have learned this is what it takes to be heard and it works.  The extremes garner attention, and that makes it worth it.  Where are the adults who embody dignity, even when dealing with individuals or groups of great diversity?  Who will establish a higher level of character and courtesy, even when there is nothing to be gained by the behavior.  Are the days of decency gone?  Does the nice guy (or gal) really lose?  Is it true that we are willing to settle for volume over substance?

I don't care about the size of anyone's hands or ears, the gender or the pantsuit.  I want to know how a person intends to bring our nation together.  I listen for details, for direction, for vision.  I don't expect an individual to know it all.  I expect a candidate to be capable of working well with others in order to attract the most excellent team that will provide the intellectual and interpersonal negotiating skills to affect our society and world.

I have seen the cultural shift in my generation, and I'm sure others have witnessed even more.  Indecency and selfishness have always abounded.  Today, such traits appear to be applauded.  I wonder at the long term consequences and am saddened that my children will have to navigate a much harsher world than I did.