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About Missy & the Fam!

Surprised to find herself in the role of single mother, Missy was even more shocked to become a remarried stepmother in a blended family of seven! 

She is a hard-working optimist doing her best to enjoy life and demonstrate Christ’s faithfulness in this not-so-perfect world.  A blended provides joy and purpose along with many “growth opportunities.” 

 Living in order to point others to a Savior, love her man well and parent intentionally, Missy hopes that sharing a bit of her journey will empower others to shun the mask of perfection and to open themselves to authentic living where we admit we need each other and our Lord.

My People

Mr. Wonderful - The Coach
A - The Scholar
L - The Creative
J - The Firstborn (to me)
F - The Daughter
C - The Baby
Sonny - Our Spoiled Furry Child