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Monday, November 28, 2011

Moody Monday!

My therapist actually had to give me
a feelings chart to help me identify
the way I felt because I had stuffed
my own feelings for so long. 
Not anymore - I let it all out!
Actually, Mondays are usually pretty good days for me. I like the 'fresh start' of a new week and the chance to begin again.  But, in truth Mondays mornings arrive early and the cycle of responsibilities begins in full force. Sometimes, it is just a bit overwhelming to know the whole week looms ahead with deadlines, homework, carpools, activity schedules and trying to manage healthy meals, play and character-building in between.  Yeah, Mondays can be a real challenge.  Please tell me I'm not alone?

I think I'll make Moody Mondays a weekly challenge - what's making me moody and how am I going to overcome that temptation to wallow?  Will you join me?  Please share in the comments - I'll start!

Missy - Today I'm moody because the weather is dreary and the Christmas lights that I worked so hard to hang are not properly functioning.  I have to reconfigure the electrical setup to get it right, and I have to do it in the rain!  My overcoming plan: Enjoy warm snuggles and dinner with my children and work on the lights peace after they go to bed.

What's your mood?  What's your plan?