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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


With school out a Memorial Day just celebrated, summertime is officially in full swing at our Little House.  So, I thought I'd share some of my absolute summer favorites ... the list is far from all-inclusive, but here's what I'm loving right now:

1. Yankee Candle - Coconut Bay: This is a light and subtle fragrance that just exudes summertime!
Coconut Bay 7oz Tumbler by Yankee Candle

2. These sandals.  I have an issue with summer shoes because I just can't stand the thong strap between my toes.  And just about ALL summer shoes seem to have a toe strap.  But my father knows my disdain for thongs and surprised me with these sandals.  They are SO comfortable and mine are black, so I wear them all the time.  Thank you, Daddy!
Easy Spirit Talha Sandal-Extended Sizes Available

3. Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops - I'm still dealing with the epic hair fail that happened earlier this spring, but this has helped to smoothe and tame the damage.

4. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Products - I just feel more like cleaning when it smells so good!

5. Sonic Vanilla Coke - It's almost a daily habit for me.

6. Walking Shorts - My favorite style is from Jones New York with a bit of stretch.  They are comfortable, but can be dressed up for dinner or casual work days.

7. T-Shirt Dress - There is nothing more comfortable!  My current favorite is a basic black one from Lands End. 

8. Sak Cross Body - I've enjoyed the pop of summer color and casual styling of this go-to handbag.  It's big enough to carry all the essentials but doesn't overwhelm. 

9. Fresh Produce - There is nothing like the summer strawberries, corn on the cob or plums picked from across the back fence.  I'm enjoying many salads, too!

My favorite Salad!

10. Magnum Double Caramel Ice Cream Bar - I saw a commercial and knew it would be the summer of the dark chocoate & caramel love.
double caramel ice cream bar

So, do you have any summertime crushes?  Do share!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Red, White and Oh-So-Blue

I'm so glad for the long Memorial Day weekend.  Summer has started with a bang, and I already feel like I'm playing catch up to keep the children occupied and entertained. 

Red is for the hot weather we're scheduled to have for the next several days.

White for the relaxed time I'll get to spend catching up at home on sleep and quality time with Mr. Wonderful. 

Blue is for the tough news our extended family received this week and the challenging times which are sure to come.

Do you have any exciting plans?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer is Coming!

"Are you going to keep all those papers?"

That was the question posed by my sister when I posted on Facebook.  My daughter has finished kindergarten, my firstborn is done with third grade.  Along with the last day at school, they brought home a ton of paperwork, lots of leftover school supplies, back packs and lunch boxes which we won't need till August.  I realized I that I bumped right up to summer without much of a plan.

I declared that the rest of the week would be carefree with fairly unlimited game and and television time.  I sorted through the paperwork and tossed a good portion, then set the rest aside to file.  The school supplies went into the supply box, in the closet in the hall.  This isn't a great place and I need to make them more accessible for summer activities.  Backpacks went onto the hooks by the garage, but I need to store them along with the jackets we no longer need. In the short term, I've taken care of everything and I've got ideas to create more structure for our summer days.

Do you keep all the papers, crafts and artwork that your children bring home?  How do you store it?  How do you manage the summer schedule?  What changes in your family?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Rules of Motherhood

(That I learned from my own mother)

1. It's completely necessary to lick the beaters when baking. 

2. If you make your bed upon waking, it's easier to resist crawling back in after a shower.

3. Reading is the best way to imagine yourself into another world

4. Gardens are magical.

5. People are more important than things.

6. To a child, love is spelled T-I-M-E.

7. It's okay, even beneficial to build some me-time margin into the schedule.

8. Do the hard stuff first and it won't be hanging over your head during the fun stuff.

9. There is something to celebrate every single day and it is possible to infuse fun into every season of life.

10. Mothers need other moms, their own and friends - cheerleaders who journey with us.

Happy Mother's Day to all! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Moody Monday: What I Really Meant to Say

My sweet firstborn has a birthday tomorrow.  I've noticed several little signs of his maturity lately and I'm so proud of him.  Last week, I received notice from his principal that he was spelling an inappropriate word: Shxx.  I was shocked, a bit taken back and very surprised.  I wanted to shake his little shoulders and say, "Where did you hear that?  It's a naughty word and you are in BIG trouble.!"  But really, I was more confused and I didn't want him to be sneaky about these kinds of things in the future.  He didn't tell me about the incident, I learned from the notice in his backpack.

So, at bedtime, I explained that I had read the note from his principal and I knew he had said something inappropriate.  I asked him to tell me about it - he was very hesitant.  He thought he was going to be in trouble.  I assured him that he could tell me anything and asked him again to explain.  He said he knew it was a bad word, and that is why he was spelling it to his friend.  "What does that mean, Mommy."  I was very matter-of-fact and explained that it was another word for horse poop.  "Why is that bad?"  I tried to convey that when people use that word, it is because they are angry or mean, and if he uses it others will think he is angry or mean.  I said it was very inappropriate and that now he knows and will be punished if he uses it again.

He said he heard the word from a neighborhood friend, so I called that mother just to let her know.  She wasn't surprised and was dealing with corrections from her second-grade guy, too.  I hope my son will be able to ask me about any new words he hears, I'm sure this won't be the last.

We are so close to the end of the school year that I can taste the freedom of a relaxed schedule and all three of my little ones having the same schedule for a couple of months!  Our local park splash pads opened over the weekend and we enjoyed lots of outdoor play, sunshine and water.  It was a taste of summertime! 

Does your schedule change in the summer?  What signals summer is here to your family?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Girl Talk

I have a rich group of friends who live nearby and we gather at least once a month for simple fun like dinner or a movie.  I enjoy relationships at church, too, through small group and my single moms class.   And this week, I’ve got some issues that need female help.
#1 – I am in the middle of a serious hair crisis!  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I felt like I fried my hair with the at-home keratin treatment.  Things have not gotten better.  My hair has breakage for at least three inches, the texture is brittle and dry, the color has lightened to a bleached out non-color ick.  I need help!  I’ve been trying to grow out my hair and it is just past my shoulders … do I have to cut it off and start over?
#2 – I am going to the beach in six weeks.  SIX WEEKS!  What does one need for a week at the beach, with a boyfriend and family?  What can I do to look 10 pounds lighter? 
#3 – I need to purge my closets and corners.  Any good tips that don’t involve a garage sale?
#4 - Do you have a favorite color for toe nail polish?  I think this is pretty fun!
Pinned Image
My weekend is full!  I have a date tonight, shopping tomorrow, clean-up for house showing on Sunday plus all the normal activities of a household with three children.  I’m getting used to our new parenting schedule, though, which feels nice.  Next week I have a birthday boy!