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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Togetherness on Vacation

Our annual vacation was especially treasured this year because our whole crew was able to participate.  This entire summer feels like a significant time for our family to enjoy being together as there are unknowns in the coming season.  Our oldest child graduated from college this year and will soon enter the workforce, where schedules and limited vacation days will curtail our travel together.

Like all families, blended families have
seasons of joy and of difficulty.  For that
reason, getting away to celebrate our
"togetherness" is important.  I love these
people will my whole heart.  Living with
each one gives me insight and
understanding that I wouldn't have in any
other way.  Time away from the normal
demands and routines allows us to connect,
laugh and make memories that continue to
mesh our family into a solid unit.
Our week started with Father's Day!  I'm so grateful for Mr. Wonderful and the father is is to his daughters, the father-figure he is to our other three.  It's complicated at times, but I see how he continues to step in as a role model, provider and leader in our home.  We're so lucky!  Yes, we Went to see "The Incredibles 2" - loved it!

The girls rose early for sunrise on the beach.  It's a magical time.


Bicycles are a big part of our fun.

In a blended family, we balance combining our family with a little bit of 
honoring the original family, too.

Beach Babe and the Stepmom

The boys and I loved our day in Savannah.

Gymnastics on the Beach

Mini-Golf night is always a fun favorite.

This was his hole-in-one pose!

This was our fifth time to go to Hilton Head as a family. They have grown so much!

Hilton Head Island- June, 2014

 The time on the beach is my favorite!  

Annual Gator Pose - 2018
First Year They went to Hilton Head - 2014, Same Gator!
Pool Fun!