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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just for the Moms!

UPDATE: Katie was the winner of my little drawing. I hope others participate when we have give-aways, the odds are very much in your favor! ☺

Never forget that you are a treasure to the ones who call you Mother, Mommy, Mama, Mom -

We all have our moments, good and bad and many that can't be labeled as either  - just life! 
Source: Mother Letters
 - Mother Letters

I want to giveaway another item from the Redeemed Collection:

Redeemed - Truly Treasured - Wallet

Leave a comment sharing one of your best, worst or most predictable mommy momments and you'll be entered to win a coupon code for this wallet, free from Dayspring.  You will be responsible for shipping, should it apply.  I hope this week is treating you well, that your outlook is sunny and that as the month ends there are a few dollars to put in your new wallet (should you win)!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ten Worst Single Mom Moments

10.  Looking at the mess, knowing I'm the only one who is going to be in charge of putting everything back in place - Ugh!

9. Needing to be in four places at the same time.

8. Witnessing an exciting 'first' and not feeling like anyone else in the world can share that moment.

7. Hearing the pain and being unable to fix it.

6. Forcing myself to hold it together when I really wanted to fall apart.

5. Failing to fix the ice maker for the 4th time - seriously?

4. Passing around a virus every 48 hours ... for  a week!

3. Waving goodbye to my life as they drive away for a week of vacation memories without me.

2. Waking up to a quiet Christmas morning - alone.

1. Driving my child home from a tonsilectomy - he was in pain and vomiting from the anesthesia but while I was driving to the pharmacy to get his prescription filled, my van simply died.  It was just the two of us, both in tears and I didn't know who to call. 

It's not just the 'single' that makes mommy moments tough - please share!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Moody Monday

It certainly feels like a Monday and even though I thought I caught up on rest this weekend, I still ignored my alarm and overslept a bit this morning ... even giving the children an extra 10 minutes.  We made it to school on time.  I'm not thrilled about this cold snap that snuck up on me, but I'm savoring my morning java just a bit more. 

Saturday morning, I wasn't unhappy that I had a chance to linger in bed a bit longer.  I'm still adjusting to the new parenting schedule, but it worked well for me this weekend.  I told Mr. Wonderful that I still miss our Sunday afternoons.  Instead of leisurely couple time, we braved a meal with all our combined crew - table for seven anyone? 

Tomorrow I'll share my Top Ten Worst Single Mom Moments and I hope you can share, too!  Later this week I've got another give-away.  How was your weekend?  What are you facing this week?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top Ten Single Mom Moments

Sometimes it is important to remember the absolutely delightful benefits of being a single mother!

10. Controlling the thermostat.

9. Choosing my own home decor.

8. Claiming all closets in the master suite.

7. No one knows if you serve popcorn and peanut butter for dinner.

6. Creating a "MomCave" out of my room.  Locking the door sometimes.

5. Accepting help from others - thank you, Steve!  He's my neighbor who faithfully mows my lawn every week - for two years now!

4. Choosing to read (alone or with children) over mopping the floor ... for months on end!

3. Indulging in a totally unproductive evening of ice cream and Netflix after the children are in bed.

2. Setting the emotional 'tone' in our home - choosing peace.

1. When the chidlren return with laughter and smiles, knowing I've created this space called 'home.'

Share some of your best moments as a mother (single or not)!  Soon I'll share my worst list.  Have a fun day!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend and A Winner!

FIRST: Steph, you won the Redeemed gift pack! 

My weekend was fun and relaxing and all-too-short, of course.  I hope yours was, too!  I was able to spend time with friends and a group of guys from church came to help me get our dilapidated swingset back into good repair.  It was SO FUN to watch them enjoy it after saying, "Stay off the swing," for all of March and April.

It was the first weekend of our new parenting schedule and I loved my Friday night fun, but really missed our big breakfast Saturday with the children.  I tried to recreate the experience on Sunday morning ... but I burned the scrambled eggs and we there was no time to leisurely get around as we readied for church.  I'm convinced the schedule will work, but change is hard. 

We spent the afternoon with a good friend and her three children.  I got to sit on a swing by the river and there was such a nice breeze that I could close my eyes and almost imagine I was at the beach. 

Have I mentioned that Mr. Wonderful is taking me to the beach for a week this summer? 

At home after the children were in bed last night I watched a movie, enjoyed some quiet time and had just a bit too much time to think about things over which I have no control right now: house for sale, child care decisions, financial shortfalls, etc.  Oh, and I tried that at-home keratin treatment which I think has ruined my hair just when it was getting to shoulder length!  Ugh!

In general, the weekend had some highs and lows, ups and downs and that is pretty much normal, I think.  What about you - what were the peaks and pits of your weekend?  Anything fun happening this week?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You are a Treasure!

Do you feel it?  Redeemed?  Remade?  Transformed?  Treasured?  Many times our head knows this is true, but our hearts may struggle to feel it.  Oftentimes I'm so consumed by the busy-ness of the day that I don't even realize by strength is running dry and my soul depleted.  The only way I am refilled is to take few moments to remember Who is in control and that I can relax, rest in His care. 

Lately, I've been enjoying a few momens of solitude with a cup of coffee or tea.  I love the understated colors, the meaningful words along with the feel and shape of these cups!  I want you to enjoy that, too! 

Redeemed Memofolio

And because every single time I do sit for a few minutes, I begin to think of things to do or that should have already been done, I imagine you might do the same thing.  SO, I want someone to have this fun Memofolio.  It's got darling note pads, post-it sheets and all have encouraging words to inspire a person to accomplish all that needs to be done.

It will all arrive in an adorable gift bag and you get to decide whether to enjoy the gift or pass it along!  I love all of the items in the Redeemed Collection from DaySpring.  
Redeemed - I Am Found - Teacup with Lid

What or Who or When do you feel the most treasured?  Answer in the comments for a chance to win the tea cup, Memofolio and gift bag.  Please enter only once and a winner will be drawn on Friday.  I plan on doing another give-away later this month!
Be sure to check back.
FYI - DaySpring gave me the product for review but all opinions are my own. ☺ Phots Credits are stock images from DaySpring.  Thank you!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Moody Monday - Random List

Note: I have a give-away that starts tomorrow!  Don't miss!
We had a lovely and relaxing weekend and we made it through Easter without the purchase of even one item of clothing!  I'm so blessed to get great hand-me-down clothing for Faith, Caleb had a darling outfit that Jake wore (in 2007) and Jake had a handsome vest and shirt passed down from my cousins.  I wore a cute maxi dress that I dressed up with a white jacket.  I gave my children their Easter baskets early and the simple flip-flops, sunglasses and candy were a big hit.  We read lots about the Easter story and enjoyed an Easter egg hunt with church friends before they went to spend the actual holiday with their Daddy.  I missed them on Easter morning and looked longingly at the families taking pictures all around me.  We'll have to stage some soon.
Here are my other thoughts so far this Monday morning:
  • It sure is challenging to wake up and get the week started after a long weekend.  I'm beginning to look forward to the more relaxed summer schedule just six weeks away!
  • Mr. Wonderful and I have now spent several holidays together: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  He was very thoughtful and kept me happily occupied while the children were with their Daddy this weekend.  When I discovered that I left my phone at his place, he saved the day by driving it over late last night...we live about twenty miles apart, so I appreciated it.
  • It was weird to think of my children making memories with another woman who put together Easter baskets, lunch celebration, etc. 
  • I missed Easter with my parents - this was the first time in many years that we weren't together.  I missed the ham my mother makes!
  • I need new tennis shoes - badly.  After my workout, my feet feel bruised!
  • I'm anxious about childcare for next year and with the new work schedule of the children's father which changes our parenting time. 
  • The weather has been absolutely phenomenal!  I love springtime and hope to plant my flowers next weekend.  It's exciting to see the shoots come up from the plants and harvested from my mother's garden last year.
  • How in the world will I be in all the places I'm supposed to be this week?  I'm going to have to bow out of at least two commitments, and I hate doing that.
What's your week looking like?  Did you have a good weekend?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Ever-Changing Life

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I've heard it said that to live is to change, and in truth I like the sort of gradual, morphing changes from one season to the next.  I appreciate the change that comes from growth and maturity.  But I find it much more challenging to deal with the sudden changes that require immediate re-balancing. 

The children's father recently accepted a new job which will change our parenting schedules.  The overall time will be about the same, but it will require and adjustment and the giving up of many of our lazy Saturdays.  I've come to love waking up without a schedule and a whole day before us!  We enjoy visiting the mountains, going to the pool, getting together with friends and all manner of carefree activities.  It hurts that I have to think of Saturdays where we won't have that freedom.

As I think about and negotiate the changes, I realize that it's hitting triggers that make me sad in general that we even have to deal with these issues.  This isn't the way I dreamed of doing family life.  So, I grieve a little for the way things were "supposed" to turn out ... then I get a bit mad that I even let this bother me anymore.  Nothing in life is perfect and I'm supposed to be recovering from all my perfectionistic ways!

We are experiencing changes in childcare, parenting schedule, support payments, even the house is still for sale with possible relocation on the horizon!  The whole thing has me feeling anxious and unsettled.  Lately, I've been putting into practice the Calming Practices that I learned during a previous season of stress and change.  My BFF reminded me that there is no perfect situation and that this is a reasonable arrangement.  Actually, there are some pros - what?  A morning to sleep in?  I'm not going to know what to do with that!

After ruminating for a while, I decided to accept that change is coming and do my best to work with it.