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Monday, November 29, 2010


This year I'm going to use Shutterfly to print my Christmas cards!  I truly enjoy their designs which are fresh, energizing and so upbeat.  They are unique and offer something different from many of the cookie cutter items I've had arrive in my box each year.  Here's where you can see some of their ideas for Christmas Cards.

The grandparents love to receive calendars from us as their gift.  All year long they get to see the 'grands' in seasonal activities.  Shutterfly makes it simple to create one, then have several printed.

Don't forget your manners!  Be prepared with adorable Thank You cards which can be created at Shutterfly, too! These can be personalized to meet you needs and add such an individual statement.

I'm pretty excited about all the wonderful options and ways to use my priceless photos!  I hope you find something you can use, too.  Go ahead, get creative and have some fun!