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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What a Privilege!

I am so ready to marry Mr. Wonderful this Saturday - what a privilege it is to be his wife.  I'm giddy with excitement at the friends and family who will all be gathered to celebrate with us.  Seeing all the details that I've planned come together will be rewarding.  The romantic in me is having a blast.  But honestly, I can't wait till Sunday.  I so look forward to waking up with my man and all the activity and people being a sweet memory.  I do love a grand event, but I'm so happy to get to do normal life together. 

Something else struck me this week...I know as sure as the sky is blue that I don't deserve Mr. Wonderful and was surprised to hear him say those words to me.  I understood then how sweetly the Lord has put us together.  In the best way, we both feel we are the Lucky One and look forward to  proving it to each other for the rest of our days.  It was very affirming that as much as I love and even need him, he really does need me, too. 

I trust him in a way I haven't trusted before.  I do not feel defensive or inferior, I know Mr. Wonderful is looking out for my best.  I'm so confident in his decisions, his understanding and his leadership.  Mmmm, after the wedding, do I become Mrs. Wonderful?  I hope he sees it that way!

Signing off for now, thank you for all the well-wishes!


  1. Have a beautiful, wonderful day filled with happy memories. And it sounds to me like you both deserve each other...don't sell yourself short!

  2. Thinking of you and praying for you as you enter this new phase of life! Have a wonderful day on Saturday! Relish every moment of your new life!

  3. I hope your special day is absolutely perfect! Enjoy each moment, and God bless your marriage!

  4. Hi! I wanted to know if you could email me back to discuss us possibly collaborating on something? Thanks so much!

    - Shaye

    shayewalsh1 (@) gmail (.) com