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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm so Thankful...But the table will be empty this year.

Last year was my year to have Thanksgiving with the children and this year they will spend the holiday with their Dad.  The same is true for my step daughters, they will be with their mom and that part of their family.  It leaves Mr. Wonderful and me alone feast by ourselves.  We're going out. Last Thanksgiving was the first holiday we spent as a someday family together.  It was fun to make memories and think of future holidays together.  We had a great day! 
And this year feels a little empty.  I miss my family, I will miss the children and preparing a meal.
My Thanksgiving won't look like the Norman Rockwell painting and it won't be what I consider "perfect."  Yet I've got plenty to be thankful for!

It's the ever-constant downside of divorce, the part you don't ever recover, but do learn to live with - sharing your dearest people (children) with another home.  So this week, my grocery list is smaller than usual and I'm planning to enjoy some sweet time alone with my love.  Depending on the weather, we may go for a hike or stay snuggled at home.  I'm going to plot ways to decorate for the holidays in my first season at this home and prepare for the annual Advent Calendar which now includes FIVE children!

I'm certain I will have moments of longing, perhaps even sadness.  I'm going to embrace them, and know it's only because I love my littles so dearly and that this isn't the way I imagined my holidays would be spent.  Then I'm going to embrace the many blessing I have and look forward to their return. 
How are you spending your Thanksgiving?  Will you travel?  Do you co-parent?  How early did you make your plans?
PS - I do have fond memories of this day which is the first holiday I ever spent with Mr. Wonderful.  It's the day he met my parents and the first time I ever made him a pie (pecan and French silk).  We're so sad that the place which holds this special memory burned just two weeks ago!

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