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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Blind Hills and What Lies Beyond

The way I get my exercise is to get outside and run, walk or jog.  I love to be in nature, to observe the neighbors, note the changes in seasons and wonder what goes on in the homes around our own.  But one thing I don't love are the hills!  And we've got so many where I live.

There is no flat space - seriously - and the minor hills aren't concerning.  But there are many serious hills where you cannot see over the top.  Blind Hills.  Blind to what lies ahead.  Blind to the view, the traffic, blind to the next phase of the road.

Does the road get easier once I get over this hill?  Is there a curve?  Sometimes, I can't even tell how long I will be climbing!

As I run, I spend a lot of time thinking and I was thinking about how life is like the journey through my hilly neighborhood.  Often, I am just doing my best to get through the next hill.  I don't know if there will be relief ahead or if I will face another challenge.  I can't tell if the path is going to even out or if I'll be navigating downward terrain.  The only thing I can do is just keep going.  To slow or stop prolongs the trial.

In the trials of life, we don't know how long our hills will take to climb or what lies beyond them.  We could reach the top and enter a season of easier travels or there could be higher climbs and rougher trails.  Regardless, we have to keep moving in order to continue the journey.  

Have you climbed any hills lately?  Do you find them challenging or defeating?

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