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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Like every single woman I know, Christmastime gets a little busy in my world.  I want to encourage each of you to remember to make room in your heart for the important things this season. Things like:

hot chocolate with marshmallows, reading the advent calendar verses, snuggling while watching a Peanuts special, laughing together - at anything.  I love accepting the dark evenings and getting the children to bed extra early.  I want to cherish the memories of my own childhood Christmas and the fun I have when I gather with family that live far away.  Christmas lights, especially the ones that twinkle a bit, and candles that glow.  Getting bundled from head to boot and watching my man take care of us all.  meals together with light-hearted music, school programs with cheesy holiday sweaters and church programs with glorious lyrics.

Most of all I treasure this time to remember so many gifts.  I loved this post by a fellow blogger. She so perfectly described the things I love to in her "Rapid Fire Thankfulness" post.  It's worth the read!

The Lord has given so much to me and to us all.  May we prepare our hearts to receive His blessings and may our eyes be open to the joy in our world.  

How do you prepare your heart for Christmas?  How do you encourage your family to abandon the crazy and embrace peace?

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