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Monday, June 22, 2015

Back to Life

Our family enjoyed a much-needed and wonderful vacation.  I loved spending last week with my Sweetheart!

I made special memories with my children.  I spent extra time with my stepdaughters and one of their dear friends (Hi, Elisabeth!).  I appreciate my in-laws and the chance to deepen our relationships.  I'm grateful to them for opening their island home to our large crew and giving us a place to unwind and indulge.

Togetherness as a blended family doesn't happen all that often, and we enjoyed the sense of family and memories made last week.  Much of our remaining summer includes children going to various destinations, camps, family trips and we treasure the times we get to celebrate our bond. 

We had a week where no one was coming or going, no transitions between houses, no tight schedules and it was glorious.  Intact original families do not ever have to consider the comings and goings of children between houses. It's something I never considered before divorce was part of my story.  When my original marriage disintegrated, this was the aspect that I dreaded the most, and it remains one of the greatest challenges.  Sadly, the children are the ones who bear the brunt of the stress.  So, we treasured this time even more.

We had lots of seafood, watched movies at home and at the theater, enjoyed so many fun bike rides, participated in an impromptu talent show, the girls did our nails, the boys played video games, shopped and enjoyed a farmers market, and enjoyed hanging around the house.  It was just fun for so many reasons.  It was relaxing and restful.  We have returned as a closer knit group and will rehearse the memories until we get to return next again.

We are back to life and the children are once again scattered.  Work beckons and the routines of grocery shopping, house chores, yard work and more have already demanded our attention.  I love my life, and that makes returning from vacation just a little easier.  But I so treasure the uninterrupted days together without as many stresses and schedule requirements.  

Will you have a family get-away this summer?  How can we savor that bond, even in our 'regular' life?

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