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Monday, October 3, 2016

I Stopped Waiting For Perfect, And Just Did My Best

Ever since I first saw the promotions for a new Ferris Wheel in our area, I have wanted to go to and ride the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel.  I envisioned a fun family outing including dinner at The Island and the whole gang riding The Wheel while we enjoyed the view of our favorite mountains.  It hasn't worked out.  Someone is always gone or no one feels like making the drive, or we have other plans, etc., etc. It just hasn't worked out the way I wanted.

So, I just decided to quit waiting for the perfect moment and make it happen.  I'm so glad that I did!  Mr. Wonderful wasn't in town, so I gathered my children and headed out.  The weather was great! Our view was of the entertainment lights instead of mountain vistas.  The restaurants were way too crowded and their were requests to do even more attractions, that were not in the budget.  We had to park way far, the phone battery didn't charge and we were all pretty tired since we didn't head out till around 7 pm.  But it was totally fun.  We all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

The actual Wheel was awesome, but even more so I enjoyed sitting by the synchronized fountains, just watching my three enjoying each other and the night out. We grabbed fast food on the way home and everyone collapsed happily into bed.

We spent the next afternoon in the mountains and stayed later than planned so we could enjoy the wildlife.  This week has extra commitments and it will be a busy one for every member of our family.  For this very reason, I wanted to escape to nature, where there are no screens, no demands and just enjoy being outdoors with each other.

It's not always the perfect time or perfect opportunity, but make time for memories and fun anyway!

It gets dark early in the mountains and I planned to be home by this time, but we were still enjoying ourselves.

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