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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Christmas Gift for the Middle School Guy

They are a mysterious bunch, these middle school boys, but still we want to spoil them at Christmas.  At our house he still has a great attitude, but is the slowest one out the door.  I love him for still being ready to snuggle with mom and for posing without complaint for all the pictures!
Favorite Team T-Shirt


Oh yes, The X-Box

Nerf Blaster

Mr. Root Beer Home Brew Kit

Oregon Trail Card Game

Locking Safe (Because there are little brothers & sisters)

Balance Board

Under Armour Socks

Vintage Vinyls

Record Player - Portable or In-Room


Chuck Taylor Shoes

Settlers of Catan

Because he's still a boy at heart: Lego Technic

Drone w/ Camera

Splurge!  Go Pro Hero

His dream TV.

Ideas for the Elementary Aged Girls Coming Soon!  Also, book ideas, teen and ideas to wow your man.  For Elementary School Boys,  or The Girl Edition! click the link.   

If you click on the photo, you will be able to purchase on Amazon.  There is no additional cost, but a small portion of any purchase benefits this website - I really appreciate it!

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