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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Flourishing in Fall

We are easing into fall and making plans for family gatherings and time together.  The return to school was dreadful this year because I loved the laid back summer schedule and time to just doesn't happen often when our schedules get too full.  I really grieved the slower pace of our summer days.

Thankfully, I've turned the corner and am catching little moments among the busy times to spend time with my people.  Guess what?  My youngest still loves when I read aloud to him.  I've struggled to get him interested in reading lately, but now he asks almost daily.

My older son played golf for the high school team and it was so fun to witness him as he expanded his experience.  He is thriving in high school - he is maturing so well and I'm deeply proud of him!

My daughter is smack in the middle of Middle School Madness.  We still spend lots of time together and her ambition is inspiring.  It's been kind of amazing to watch her trying so hard to grow up.  It's a season on such changes for her.

My step daughters are also doing well.  Mr. Wonderful just crossed the mountains to visit his youngest at college this weekend.  We marvel at the world of college students, so much has changed from our time at university.

Leading our pack of children is our recent college graduate.  We are enjoying a season of her being home while she determines her next steps following college graduation.  She has high aspirations and I can't wait to see where she will land (we are seriously hoping it is somewhere nearby!).

Mr. Wonderful is fully immersed in work - which isn't always fun.  I'm so thankful for the way he provides for our family, works hard and exerts so much energy into his customers.  We are thankful for our snippets of time throughout the week to squeeze in a meal out or time to crash at home together.

Fall brings all the cozy back to our home and our location in East Tennessee truly shines best this time of year.  We love the leaves, the cooler temperatures and the excuse to enjoy a blanket or two.

If you're still peeking in on us, thank you for reading!  I'm on Instagram, too!

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