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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flawed but Forgiven

It makes such a difference - I'm so very flawed and every single day a few of those flaws show their ugly selves.  It's tempting to see my flaws and focus on my shortcomings.  Thankfully, I'm so forgiven!  On my own, I will always fall short.  Short of my own expectations, short of what others want from me.  But standing with Christ, I will be enough.  In Him there is no condemnation.  None.  Ever.

Last night I was not able to be excited about something that my spouse wanted.  I could tell I disappointed him and I do not want to disappoint him.  Many times in the past, I stuffed my feelings about something to be the "Yes," girl and support someone else.  I'm learning to be more truthful in my responses and to allow myself to be real.  In doing so, it seems I let another down.  It's hard to balance these things and I'm still learning.

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