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Monday, March 15, 2010

My First Confession

There is a lot about me that isn't perfect and I've thought of many things that I could list.  But, when I turned 36, I decided to give up Coke for the whole year.  For me, this is big - I was a daily Coke person.  Saturday, after almost a month Coke-free, I failed.  I had a Large Vanilla Coke from Sonic.  It was a week moment.

I was embarassed as a parent because of my son's behavior at soccer practice.  There on my own with two younger children in tow, my oldests refused to participate.  Nothing I could say or do would persuade him and his behavior was becoming more and more obstinate.  So, rather than battle it out in front of the other parents, I loaded everyone up to return home.  AND the van wouldn't start.  It was a low moment that ended in tears. 

So, I failed in parenting and in my Coke fast.  It happens.

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