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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Work Around the Little House

My home is relatively modern, just 13 years old, but recently there seem to be lots of things which need repair. There was storm damage with roof, siding and gutter repair. The pesky front door has had trouble latching since we moved in seven years ago, but it’s getting worse. The back sliding screen door sticks terribly, the outside could use a good cleaning and so could the inside, for that matter. There is a chronic leak under the kitchen sink and one of my children with fastidious personal hygiene repeatedly clogs the commode. The water line to our ice maker began leaking almost a year ago and despite many attempts, I’ve been unable to seal the leak.

It gets so frustrating when basic things we take for granted are not functioning properly. It irritates me every time, yet I can’t just call a handyman and fix whatever needs fixing. I have to be savvy, resourceful and learn to work with the hang-ups. Today, when something breaks, my first instinct is to try fixing it myself instead of asking for help. I’ve installed curtains, fixed a garbage disposal, repaired dry-wall and worked with electronic connections that I never imagined I would need to hook up myself. I had to oversee the contract work for the roof, siding and gutter repairs and I’ve had to learn a whole set of skills I had never used before.

I look forward to the day when I have enough in the bank to call in reinforcements, but till then, I do find satisfaction when I accomplish something new. Have you stepped up to make a repair or take care of something formerly out of your realm?  Share your handy-woman tricks, please!

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