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Monday, October 15, 2012


I know we all live with unpredictability in our lives, no matter our circumstances.  But compared to the married-with-children life that I used to think I had, this Single Mom Life makes me much more aware of my uncertainty.  I am in a season where so much is changing and I feel some anxiety and fear.  I'm trying hard not to let the fear win!  The changes are good ... I need to remember that.  It's just overwhelming and I've seen my hopes and plans fall apart before.  I know it can happen. 

I'm getting to a place where I know that a lot in my life is going to change and feeling ready to take on that uncertainty.  But it doesn't mean I look forward to it.  I look forward to the end results...but walking this path is a challenge.  The prize is that eventually the choice to risk gives way to confidence and trust.

I need to remember that uncertainty also allows for possibility!

This week's #1 Task: Find a rental home.


  1. Fear, in small doses, can be good. It allows us to think through consequences. As a mother, being able to see what's in front of our kids is incredibly helpful! Just so long as we don't let fear run our lives, of course. Doesn't sound like you will. Uncertainty is always rough on a single parent! But I know you'll come out better in the end.

  2. Missy,

    I was a single mom with 4 kids for 10 years, so I can certainly relate to uncertainty. However, I can honestly look back now and see that the journey made me a much stronger woman, as I know it will you too. And though your looking forward to the end results, remember to enjoy the journey. Just take each day as it comes and when it gets too tough to stand, remember to kneal. =) Wishing you God's blessings.

    Marie "W

  3. Thank you, Marie! You're right - I need to enjoy even the crazy days.