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Friday, February 8, 2013

Fabulous Friday Things

I've been looking around at gift ideas and in the purest form of selfishness found some I would enjoy myself.  It got me to thinking about things I enjoy right now and in the spirit of Wish Lists, here is my Gift Guide for the Single Mom (or any woman) you love:


Kenra Thermal Styling Spray - now that my hair is longer, I'm enjoying relaxed curls and this product is a miracle causing the effect to last days ... yes, I said days!  My stylist used it last time I was there.
Slippers - okay, I'm going to make a fantastic grandma someday, but I'm a slipper-loving fool!  Seriously, once I get home, I slip into something more comfortable...these would be nice!

Le Creuset Tea Kettle - I love to have something to quickly boil water and this is just lovely!

Red Polka Dot Toms - I just think I would wear these a whole bunch!

iPhone 5 - I'm eligible for an upgrade, and tempted to splurge.

I would like a watch.  I desire new towels.  It's my birthday next week and some people asked for ideas.  Since becoming a single mom, I often buy myself a little something just for fun.  How do you celebrate the day you arrived?


  1. excelent products

  2. SPLURGE on the iphone!!!! Love mine!!!! But if you have unlimited data on verizon, you lose unlimited when you upgrade :( I have a feeling you left something off your b-day wish list though....

  3. Wishing and hoping and planning and dreaming....I'm tempted on the iphone. I just don't want to have to sign a new contract (see above, once more =).

  4. Happy Birthday my friend. I hope you get all of the above!!! PS. I voted for you! Melanie

    1. Thank you, Melanie - a real gift would be to have a reunion one day...wouldn't it be fun?