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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Appreciating Stillness

My little children are visiting my parents this week and being incredibly spoiled by Nana and Papa.  It's been so quiet around our home!  It's been a few days and I'm missing them like crazy.  I've tended the garden and changed all the sheets and added some work responsibility and, well just sat around a bunch.  I've been sitting on the patio swing.  I've been lounging on the bed.  I've been sprawled out on the sofa and plopped in the office chair opposite Mr. Wonderful.  Honestly, this week is more of a vacation that our trip last month.

At first, I felt uncomfortable with the stillness. It sought to fill the time with catch-up chores, laundry, etc.  But even in these tasks, the quietness and lack of interruptions allow space for focus.  I have found time to connect with my own heart.  I am in a season of life where much of my energy is spent caring for others: the calendar, meals, activities and interests of others take precedent for now.  I'm grateful for a week without so many demands and highly aware that it will soon be back to the normal flourish of life.

Have you had any rest in your summer schedule?  Does your family divide at all through the summer months?

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