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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Rhythm

We just rounded the curve of our summer halfway point: Six weeks past and five weeks left.  I purchased the first of our "Back to School" supply list in order to break up the expense of preparing five children for the accoutrements of their next year.  Our summer began with our first ever blended family vacation.  The next two weeks we had lots of little people at home along with a new-to-us babysitter while Mr. Wonderful worked from his home office.  The older girls began summer jobs and volunteering and their own set of social activities.  There was quite a bit of adjusting to do by all of us.

Thankfully, our summer sitter has learned our weird ways and we are all enjoying lingering evenings and later mornings.  We've accomplished a few hikes, installed a garden, visited with both sets of grandparents, frequented the pool and the park, watched lots of movies and are filling out our summer reading lists.  It's a nice pace for me.  I know when the time comes, I will appreciate the routine of school, but I'm loving this summer rhythm.  It is a more relaxed pace than I have enjoyed recently.

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