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Monday, September 8, 2014

My Son Thinks I'm Gorgeous!

I think that every woman has moments of feeling less than gorgeous compared to magazine spreads, fitness gurus, commercial beauties and even the lady down the row at church.  We innately want to feel beautiful, but sometimes we just don't.

Yet when I hear my son talk about me, it's enlightening to hear his mindset regarding his mama.  He thinks I'm beautiful.  He thinks I'm such a great cook that I should open a restaurant.  He thinks I strong and super-smart.  He hasn't yet realized that I'm making things up as I go through this life!  His confidence in me is strong and real and he inspires me to be my best self.

It's interesting that my inner voice can be so loud, unaccepting and critical.  Yet this boy who depends on me so much finds me completely adequate, fully capable and even gorgeous.  At ten years old, I think he's become more aware of women and I'm the first and most prominent example he will ever have.  May I wear the representation well - it's a gift to see myself through his eyes.

Has your view of self ever been altered by the perspective of another?

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