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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lessons Learned During My First Marriage (That Turned Out to Be Wrong)

We learn things throughout our lifetime.  Some are good lessons, some are not - sometimes we have to relearn to make up for the falsehoods that we pick up along the way.  Below are several things I thought were true, but I learned were not.  Have you had to 'relearn' anything?

1. It's better to keep the peace than prove my point.

2. Loyalty to my spouse is worth whatever losses may come.  I can't tell anyone about the trouble in my marriage.

3. Speaking my mind will create discord.

4. It's normal to feel less cherished and desirable as the years march onward.

5. Pouring myself into my children/church/job can fill the ache for intimacy.

6. As we grow and change, we will naturally grow more together.

7. It's okay (and normal) to go long stretches without sex.

8. My opinion is less valuable.

9. God values my marriage more than he values me.

10. My husband will know I love him if I keep a perfect home.

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