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Monday, October 20, 2014

Why I Love Mondays (Kind Of...)

I do adore a lazy Saturday and Sunday is my favorite - with worship to start the day and a nap usually on the agenda.  But I'm just nerdy enough to admit that I like the 'reset' of a Monday morning.  It's a fresh start, back to routine, I appreciate the order of a well-planned and predictable day.  That's what Monday means to me.

Routine, I am a slave to you.  I think it speaks about my nature and personality that I thrive on the rhythms of live more than the spontaneous highs and lows.  I often hear others bemoan the arrival of Monday morning, but for me, it's a new beginning.  I'm rested after the weekend and ready to manage the daily tasks of family, home, work and life.  It's a good thing!

These two do not share my admiration for Mondays.  What about you?

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