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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hi, From Spring Break Central!

Sometimes I think too long about what to post and so it just never happens.  I have too many 'starts' in my drafts folder for the blog, but I can't seem to wrap anything up to completion.  Oh well.

We are enjoying our spring break ... well, the children are enjoying it.  Mr. Wonderful and I are working, as normal, but the schedule is more relaxed without school and extra curricular activities.  As a bonus, we've had lovely weather and all of us have enjoyed time outdoors.  Even the puppies seem to have spring fever!

Later this week, our older girls are headed for a get away with their mother and our little ones will be with their dad.  That leaves me alone with my husband for the first time in quite a while - how romantic!

Are you welcoming spring?

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