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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Missy's Year 41 Life List - My Nitty Gritty Goals

I mentioned that the first of the year is a great time for me to mentally reset and ponder goals, hopes for the New Year.  But, I don't usually really get started until my birthday, which rolls around in February.  Now February was a short month and I'm just now ready to share my goals.  Some I've started working towards, others are still just hopeful ideals that I can attempt to put into practice:

Health & Personal
Exercise: walk, jog, run or hike 1,000 miles total in 2015 (126.3 so far)
    - Strength Training 2x per week
    - Stretching & Balance 1 per week
    - Continue Squats 5 x per week (5 days a week)
    - Develop Habit of Ab exercises

Meals - Learn 4 new, healthy family meals.

Running - work on speed, get one mile in less than 8 minutes (my best time this year has been 8:25)

Lose 10 Pounds - 5 by April 30, 5 more by June 15 (This will be tough!)

Establish garden on front walk.
Grow grass on front hill.
Install a back splash in the kitchen.
New sofa and rug in living room.
Purge - Remove something from the home every day in April.
Line kitchen cabinets and drawers.
Switch washer and dryer so that they function more ergonomically.
Bonus: Get quote of cost of new counters, paint living room/dining room/entry. (This is a long shot)

Serve regularly somewhere - Wednesdays?
Begin Wednesday night attendance in summer, youth group involvement.
Participate in children's musical and summer camps
Host an event at home - ladies? small group? youth? etc?
Take pastor & wife to lunch

Vacation to HHI (this is scheduled)
Summer College Girls Trip (this is in discussion)
Plan an Overnight Surprise for Keith
Set date for children to visit Grandparents for a week
Visit Springfield family myself, side trip to KC to visit the grandparents
Bonus: Save $200 per month toward a 2016 Disney Trip for my kiddos (long shot, but I'm hopeful!)

My goals feel a little over-reaching, but having them "out there" helps me with staying on track.  How are you doing with your personal goals?

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