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Friday, April 3, 2015

"Do You Really Believe That?"

I'm lucky to work for a great little company and our office is closed for Good Friday.  I'm grateful for the time to slow down and to prepare my heart for Easter.  It's privilege for me.  Recently, our company hired a man of another ethnicity and who has recently immigrated to the United States.  As I was explaining to him that this Friday was a company holiday, he asked, "What is Good Friday?"

He had heard of Jesus, and so I explained in a narrative style the cross and the resurrection.  His response to me was, "Do you really believe that?"  I said, yes I do.  I wasn't really sure how to wrap up the conversation, so I invited him to our church's service and promised him lunch is he wanted to come.  I felt awkward at this point and tried to think of a way to wrap up the conversation while leaving the door open for further discussion if it happened naturally.  "Well, I am a pagan who will celebrate the Christian holiday in order to get a day off work," he proudly stated.

It's been a long time since I've been asked whether or not I believe specific portions that are vital to our Christian faith.  I really do believe that Jesus lived a sinless life, was wrongly crucified and that his death satisfied my penalty for wrongs I cannot correct in my own life.  I believe that he rose again all those years ago and continues to live in victory over death and the fallen nature of this world.

Tonight I partook of communion to remember his sacrifice, I thought, "I'm not prepared, my heart isn't pure..." Often I feel the initial panic that I'm not good enough.  And yet, I know I am covered.  My purity isn't what I depend on in order to be in a right relationship with God.  I'm counting on Christ's covering, his purity that covers my own shortcomings.

Thank you, Lord, for this unspeakable gift.  I pray this covering for all of my children and hope my fumbling words and life will somehow point others to the One who can truly save.

What do you believe?

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