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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Tradition

Boots, pumps, flats and sandals! 
It has become a routine of my spring cleaning to purge deeply and in my goals for the year, I declared April as the time to focus on this effort. I started early this weekend by sorting through the kiddos closets.  It was time to make the seasonal switches and in the process I culled what is getting too small.  We donated a large box of boys size 5-6 and another of girls size 6 to a friend who serves special needs children.  I listed several items on ebay and we still have more to donate.

April 1 - I purged my shoes!  Sadly, I there are some that just don't work for my weary feet but still look quite fabulous.  These I'll take to Goodwill.  I'm posting my daily purge on Instagram and I hope you'll follow along or join me! I'm labeling them #outthedoorinapril.  Even if you just purge a little bit, post your success with me.

Thank you for taking interest in our lives.  I blog because I enjoy connecting with readers in any way possible.  I love comments or Facebook friends.  Do add your voice!

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