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Monday, July 6, 2015

Fantasy Vs. Reality

Recently I was at Williams Sonoma  - you know, the gourmet kitchen and home retail store?  My daughter and I were taking a cooking class and having a wonderful time.  While there, it truly seemed plausible that I might actually use the double boiler and flour sifter.  I speculated that a new lemon zester and the beautiful mixing bowl would, indeed, make my batter better.  Within the establishment of Williams Sonoma, I saw gorgeous tables set with exquisite dishes.  I marveled at fancy appliances that function for very specific purposes.  I admired table linens and place settings that made me think of vacations.

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When I'm there, it actually seems plausible that I might use those items.  And some, I probably wound, at least on rare occasions.  But mostly, they would take up space in my already crowded cabinets or taunt me about cooking more creatively, when all I really need is something filling more my family of seven.  The idea of many fine meals sounds so alluring, but the reality is that I'm more likely to prepare cheeseburgers than boeuf bourguingnon.  I did prepare that once ... the family loved it!

The truth is, my life is far from pinterest-perfect and we use paper plates and quick recipes more than fine china and gourmet meals.  We can dress it up for a holiday meal and try something new when possible, but the reality is much simpler.

And isn't that okay?  I'm so much easier on myself (and by proxy my family) because I'm not still striving to appear that I've got it all together. I'm thankful for the acceptance I've found for myself and by my husband.  I'm so free to be me!  I hope you feel that way, too.  I think I appreciate it so much because for many years I was living with a mask and trying desperately to cover the ugliness that was in my life.  This way is so much better...even when some of that ugliness gets exposed.

So, my daughter and I had a splendid time making Madeleines with a group of 8-12 year old girls.  We got to bring home the fancy baking tray and the flour sifter and we made a memory together.  Later, my daughter invited a friend over and we replicated the recipe...the results were less than beautiful, but the taste caused everyone at home to rave!

It was a great reminder that the time we spent together and with a friend, was so much more important than the outcome, or than the way the outcome might appear.  The reward was in the process.  The treasure is in the trying!

I will still fantasize over gorgeous tablescapes, and even attempt set them from time to time.  But I have learned that often it's just as important that we gather together, make a memory and nourish our souls.

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