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Monday, July 20, 2015

I See Superman

Mr. Wonderful and I are celebrating our anniversary today.  Our wedding day was right up there as one of the very best days of my life.  I feel so lucky for so many reasons.  I truly never thought I would have a love relationships like this that encompasses friendship, romance, fun, goals, family, partnership and so much more.  I didn't even know to hope for what I have.

If you meet my husband, you will notice he is a handsome man, kind, articulate and a great story-teller.  You would see that he likes to laugh, he is consistent and he keeps his word.  He follows through, follows up and is great at building lasting relationships.  He is laid back and loves to laugh, he is focused and disciplined about the things which he feels strongly.  He is devoted to his family, committed to his faith and can handle deep conversations.

You would notice immediately that Mr. Wonderful is a jock.  His mood can rise and fall on a soccer match, but he doesn't let anything keep him down for long.  He is quietly confident and can handle whatever challenge is before him.  You might see a Clark Kent-ish guy with lots of potential.

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When I look him,
I see superman.

I see the man who took another chance at love after his heart had been broken.  He was willing to be vulnerable and in still believes in marriage.  He pursued me unabashedly and completely won my heart.

I see character that is consistent and faith that remains, even when challenged by the doubts and cares that come with a life lived fully.  I see depth, desire for growth and trust that is the foundation of his strength.

I see a dad who filled the empty rooms of his quiet home with noisy children that aren't his by birth, but I'm praying they take after him.  He loves each of his children whole-heartedly and invests in them with time, attention and affection.

I see a generous man who shares what he has with others and loves to be extravagant.  I see kindness that notices when someone needs encouragement.  I trust his discernment and wisdom.  I feel completely confident that he is on my side and acting for the best interest of our family.  He is my reward at the end of a day well spent and my safe place to land when things aren't right in my world.

No - he's not perfect, he's real and true and sometimes tired or weak.  But the Clark Kent many may simply not notice is the hero of our family story.  Daily and even more so in circumstances that test the quality of mankind, he proves his strength.

I'm lucky to be his chosen match.  This day we celebrate just two years of marriage, which seems insufficient for the content of what we share.  But I'm so looking forward to a lifetime with my own personal Superhero!  My great fears of remarriage have prove false, thus far, and I have no worries that will change.  Such is the greatest gift of my Mr. Wonderful: Security.

What do you see that the rest of the world doesn't get close enough to notice?

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