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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Blizzard That Fizzled

I'm grateful for weekends to regroup, because our weeks just seem to blur all together.  But this was an extra-long weekend, thanks to the blizzard that never was.  We had THREE days of cancelled school.  I had prepared plenty of groceries and stocked up on treats.  There was a never-ending hot cocoa bar set up on our kitchen counter.  We were all home together and relaxed - it was nice, but quite anti-climatic after the build up.  Still, it beats the ice disasters we had last year and I couldn't help but be so grateful that all our needs were filled with a warm home, plenty of food and togetherness we didn't expect.  How did you spend your snowpocalipse?

My daughter turned TEN!  We had to postpone her ice skating party (although, kudos to us for choosing the right theme!) because that was the time there was real, actual precipitation.  But, we invited a few friends for an impromptu sleepover complete with make-your-own waffles and had fun anyway.

I spent lots of time snuggling puppies and the kiddos had homework which still needed to be done.  I enjoyed hanging with my teenaged step daughter and having unstructured time to enjoy coffee/cocoa with her.  Mr. Wonderful was wonderful the whole time!

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