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Monday, February 8, 2016

All You Need is Love

Valentine's Day has long been a favorite holiday of mine.  My birthday coincides with the holiday and it has always been one that was full of feminine fun, hopeful thoughts, even romance.  Some friends hate the holiday and I've heard it talked about with disappointment by too many.  That's sad to me.  It has always represented love: of family, of friends, and of self!  

I hope you will take a moment this Valentine's Day to celebrate the love in your life.  I think the idea of "Galentines Day" sounds so fun!  Get together with some girlfriends and enjoy togetherness.  If you have children, make the day special for them.  Mine have long loved our heart-shaped pizza tradition.  

Of course, there have been years that felt more challenging that others to celebrate the love.  It is those years when the unexpected gift of flowers from my parents meant the most.  It is when I was able to hear and receive the sweet and simple love expressed from my then-toddlers.  This is when I feast on the truth found in the sweetest love letter, the Bible.  I am reminded of the great love of God toward mankind and my heart is drawn to respond. 

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