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Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Babies Are Moving On

Logically, I understand that time moves forward and that children grow, mature and become independent.  This knowledge doesn't always translate into reality and I find myself a bit shocked that my "baby" is now eight years old!  I've been sensing it for several months, but this day seems to complete the season of mothering babies and little children - I just don't have them anymore.  Now I am mothering elementary and tween kiddos and it's a whole new world, where I feel a bit inept.

Regarding my youngest, I'm so grateful that he still has a bit of "little" left in him.  Today I'm looking through too many old photos, watching videos, remembering all the excitement of adding him to my nest.  By my third baby, I was confident in my role as mother of a newborn.  Now I'm back to trial and error as a mother of middles, tweens and teens (stepmom).  It's unnerving!

But today I'm celebrating my littlest guy.  He still loves footed/sleeper pajamas and wooden toy cars.  He is very serious about dressing for any occasion and will select a suit and tie or overalls and flannel accordingly.  He's a joiner and likes to be part of whatever group he joins.  He is
charming and charismatic, and the absolutely coolest guy in any room (without even trying).  He is easy-going and adaptable, but he will let you know exactly what he is thinking in his blunt, straight-forward manner.   He will brave new situations, but still gets scared by graphic movies or any body fluids.  He tends to hold back a little, but once this guy decides he likes you, he loves whole-heartedly!

I love seeing him emerge into his own being.  I like that he retains the innocence and charm of childhood.  I think he is kind and brave, strong and ambitious.  He still reaches for my hand automatically, but he is venturing out alone more and more.  He's my last little attachment to mothering little ones and holds an especially tender place in my heart.



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